13.07.2020. - 13:35
Lucija Zvonar – speaker at Lean Spring Summit conference

Lucija Zvonar, our Marketing Manager participated as a speaker at Lean Spring Summit conference, organized by Culmena. Due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held online.

The main topic of the conference was Digital technologies in the factories of the future.

Global experts talked about the new EU strategy that is steering companies towards Lean, Digital and Green Europe. Culmena presented its’ Culis methodology for company transformation according to the new strategy.

Lucija talked about Startup branding and the importance of brand and marketing in companies, especially in the tech industry. She talked about the connection between marketing and psychology, channels and tools suitable for smaller marketing budgets and employer branding, topic that gained much attention in last few years.

Lucija concluded that brand and marketing activities are important in terms of reputation and awareness, but even more so, in achieving business results. Product and brand walk hand in hand and by giving them proper attention, companies can expect better business results.

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